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CNNGA has a variety of appliances and gas log fireplaces available for purchase in our showrooms at our Clinton and Newberry locations such as tank & tank-less water heaters, space heating appliances, grills, matching washer and dryers, cook stoves, assorted logs, and other decorative appliances and lighting.

CNNGA sells these items at less than suggested retail price.

To purchase an appliance or gas log fireplace from CNNGA, a customer may pay for the product out right or finance it interest-free for 12 months. To be eligible for the 12-month financing, a customer:

CNNGA since 1952
  • must have at least one year of service history
  • must not have been late more than once in the last 12 months
  • must not have had service cut off for non-payment in the 12-month period prior to purchase. If, during the 12 month financing period, your service is cut off because of non-payment, then the balance of the appliance is due in full before your service will be reconnected.
  • must not have written any bad checks in the 12 months prior to purchase.
  • must be a home owner
  • must pay half of the cost of a “special order” appliance before the order is placed

A 10% restocking fee is charged if an appliance is returned within 30 days of installation. No returns will be accepted after 30 days.

Appliance installations are billed at $70/hour for the first hour, and $50/hour from the second hour on. This fee does not include the cost of materials, parts, or components.

When CNNGA installs an appliance, it will not charge more than $350 for the first appliance. Each additional installation of an appliance will not cost the customer more than $175. As an example, if a customer has three appliances installed, it would cost a maximum of $700 ($350 for first appliance, $175 for second, $175 for third).

    For appliance installation, CNNGA will always bill the customer the lesser of:

  • The above prices ($350 for first appliance, $175 for second, $175 for third)
  • Material and labor

For more information, please contact us or call our Customer Service Representatives in our Clinton office at 864.833.1862 or in our Newberry office at 803.276.1550.